Campbellton # 1 captured the prestigious trophy of the 82nd running of the CNR, C.F. Todd Memorial Candlepin Bowling Tournament .  Members of the winning team were Jean Louis Fournier ©, Ed martin, marcellin Lorette, Jim Adams, Joe Sark, Bill Duncan and Brian Firth.  Tournament Runner-up was Moncton Soupers.  Team members were Mike Lipton ©, Dave Carter, Frank Holloway, Armand Robichaud, Jim Till, Gerry Mills.  Tournament High Average was Billy Williams of Moncton Carmen 122 and also High Triple 404.  High Single 151 tied by Dave Carter, Len Freeman, Gerry Mills.   The 83rd running of the tournament will be held next year in Truro or New Glasgow, NS.

2010 Tournament Standings & Results